Simple Organizing Solutions for Busy Women

For busy women, especially moms who want to be less overwhelmed and have better systems in place for a more organized home + mind

Get proven results for
clearing the clutter to 

reap the benefits of a 
serene space + mind

Where you’ll trade chaos for calm.
Going from a cluttered, overstuffed house
to a calm home and mind in just 6 weeks.

Before I tell you about this life-changing course,
let’s talk about who this is really for....  

 You’re a busy woman or mom with a full plate.
  You’re tired of trying to keep it all together. 
In just a minute it can all come undone and catching up
 feels like a lifetime.

Whether you're....

  • a mom who tries to keep the house in order by making sure all your family's needs are met but, are always playing the catch up game.
  •  a super busy woman who needs everything in the proper place trying to create time freedom so that you aren’t wasting time trying to find, “that thing.” 
  •  someone who shoves everything in the closet 5 minutes before guests announce they’re dropping by for a visit. You just want to appear to have it all together.

 Crack the Clutter Code
My course promise to you on this 6 week organizing journey is that 
you'll learn how to transform your overstuffed house into a calm home 

Take a deep breath.

You’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how you can
keep it all together. You'll learn to implement systems with
inspiration and exceptional support on your journey to creating
and maintaining a well organized home.

By the end of this journey
 with Suzzanne, you'll have:

  • A peaceful, well organized home 
  • Learned time management skills that will impress the most organized guru  
  • Learn ways to take that much needed time for you to de-clutter your mind, whether through meditation, yoga or journaling 
  • Good habits that will sustain you and your family through any deviation  

Kind Words

Suzzanne was nothing short of professional and kindness all mixed in one!   

Our space was very hectic, we had just made a big move, had a baby, have a five-year-old, and two dogs. Organizing was the last thing on our mind and our house started to really suffer. Suzzanne came in UNFAZED by the clutter and disorganization. She was respectful of things that I wasn’t ready to let go of yet but also gave a gentle nudge on things that were not useful to my space any longer. Not only that, but we were able to easily converse the entire time we were at it. She made it feel like less of a job for me. I definitely look forward to her visits as we will continue to utilize her services. I have recommended her to several people and I don’t do that unless I truly believe in the value of someone’s service. Suzzanne was a GODSEND and not only did she provide her services in the hours booked but she gave me other helpful hints and avenues to look into after the fact to help continue to keep my place organized."
Alexa- Howell, NJ

Confidence Starts Here! 
The best chance for success because you started now and didn’t
wait for the perfect time. . .
spoiler alert- now is the perfect time!

DIY Design Plan

Here you'll have the entire course of 6 modules all packaged up and ready for you to work independently through the modules. 

All- Inclusive
(most popular plan)

           You will get 6 Modules
                Plus- 4 bonuses

All-Inclusive plus
1:1 Virtual Plan

You'll get the All-Inclusive Plan
 Plus- 4 bonuses including
1:1 Virtual Closet Clearing 

Be a
ruthless editor
of what you
allow into
your home.

-Nate Berkus

When you enroll during this special limited time, you'll get:

Crack the Clutter Code 

  • 6 Organization Modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to turn your home into your haven. 
  • A complete, step-by-step guide showing you how to create space in your home so that you and your family can breathe. 
  • Om Sweet Om -pride is what you'll feel when guests drop in to your beautiful, newly organized home. 
  • You’ll be given access to one module a week so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the project plan BEFORE moving onto the next. 
  • We do this mainly to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the roadblocks that often stop you dead in your tracks. 
  • PLUS - 4 Bonuses to help you generate unstoppable momentum..... And Keep It! (For All Inclusive and Virtual Plans Only)

DIY Design Plan

Here you'll have the entire course of 6 modules all packaged up and ready for you to work independently through the modules. 

All- Inclusive
(most popular plan)

           You will get 6 Modules
                Plus- 4 bonuses

All-Inclusive plus
1:1 Virtual Plan

You'll get the All-Inclusive Plan
 Plus- 4 bonuses including
1:1 Virtual Closet Clearing 

   (For All Inclusive and Virtual Plans Only)

01.   Weeks of Live Q+A Sessions with Suzzanne
We will connect on Zoom for our weekly Q+A 20 minute sessions--Keeping you motivated and moving towards your end goal

02.  An Active and Highly Supportive Private Facebook Community
Exclusive for Crack the Clutter Code members only

03.  Om in Your Home 
 A 30-minute video incorporating techniques designed to help you to be more grounded, relaxed, mindful, and present.  This video will guide you through a short chair yoga practice followed by mindful breathing and a guided meditation.  

with Gabrielle Brokaw- Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr.

04. 2 Implementation Weeks 
 This is where all the work can be done to implement what you learned in the previous weeks.

*05. 1:1 Virtual Closet Clearing with Suzzanne 
You'll get 1 hour private instruction to dive even deeper to organize your closets.
*only for 1:1 virtual plan

Start here towards your peaceful journey to finally be
free from a cluttered home + mind. I'm super excited to welcome you into Crack the Clutter Code.

Some additional benefits:
  • Getting in on the ground floor- the lowest price ever will be offered in 2022
  • After my October 2022 class, the course will be formulized and the price will be increased for any further launches. 
  • This community will get lifetime updates. 
  • The October 2022 class will be the last class to receive all updates for the lifetime of the course. For ALL future students they will pay a discounted price to join again.

Plus You'll Be Backed by a 
Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee

Let me say this:
Crack the Clutter Code is full step-by-step implementation program for your home. It's about creating space and peace.
Our Fb community is filled with helpful, motivated and super supportive members who are also clearing the clutter from their homes.
By the end of the 7 days, you will have received access to the first module. Meaning, you will have had the opportunity to implement the 4 lessons in this module.
If you don't feel totally confident and motivated by your ability to move forward in having a clutter-free home, simply reach out, show me you've put the work in
(picture proof) and we'll refund your investment.

Burning Q's that have been asked before-

In short, YES! I'm here to guide you through all the modules and lessons and any roadblocks that might get in your way.

Absolutely not. This course can be used over and over again to get the end results desired. 

Not unless you choose to use bins and labels. I can help you figure which items would work in certain areas of your home.

Yes, each of the modules will guide you step-by-step to ensure you follow along. Plus-I have that great bonus, the FB community to cheer you along every step of the way and hold you accountable. We all need that, right?

The order of the modules is laid out in this way for you to achieve the best results possible. At the end of 8 weeks you'll have access to all the modules and bonuses.

Yes, with the bonus Q+A sessions on zoom, there will be 1 day a week where you can bring questions and I'll be there to answer them.

Still thinking about it?

 Do you want your life back... like...really badly?

 Whether you’re at home getting your family life together, have a super demanding job, or working from home,
you’re fully aware that you don’t have the time, or much freedom you truly need to be living your best life.
More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your time scrambling, looking for specific items  

Your daily mantra has been, “I'm always late.” 
You just want to enjoy family and friend fun things and not always playing the catch up game.
  This is why you're motivated to invest 8 weeks in setting up and having a beautifully organized home that can effectively alter your life. Along with the 3 special bonuses, you're totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip by- and even MORE unwilling to let the countdown timer get to decide what those 8 weeks looks like for you. Remember, you'll be glad you didn't wait for the perfect time. . .  
NOW is the perfect time to get on the sign up! 
 If you're nodding your head right now-
 you have nothing to lose but clutter!

More Kind Words

"Suzzanne's course has helped me in ways that I didn't expect.

No, 23 years of clutter wasn't magically removed from my home. I did learn how to go through the clutter and part ways. Most importantly, I learned more about why I was keeping things and how to prevent those items from finding their way back into my home. I gained energy and freedom through this process. I look forward to continuing with Suzzanne as I realize that this is an ongoing process to clear the clutter and maintain my home. Thank you Suzzanne Cafiero!!"
Kim- Farmingdale NJ

"Working with Suzzanne was exactly what I needed! 
Suzzanne had great, creative suggestions and incorporated my style and ideas! She helped with a organizational system for our playroom that is easy for me and my daughters to maintain.
I highly recommend Suzzanne."

Jessica-Wall NJ

"I highly recommend Suzzanne.
 Suzzanne is gentle and kind and had some good suggestions about placement and grouping things. Though I did the physical work myself, this being virtual, I felt like I had a cheerleader the entire time. My husband was dubious during the process but he was delighted with the results. Now to do the rest of the house!
Organizing is addictive.
 Thank you, Suzzanne!"        

 Megan-Freehold NJ

 "Suzzanne took on the job of organizing my master bedroom closet. Together we worked to come up with systems that would work best for the space and my wardrobe. Putting together an outfit and getting dressed is a pleasure now!"               
Janet-Pt. Pleasant NJ

 Hello! I'm Suzzanne
 I personally can't wait to guide you through this 6 week course... 

When I started creating this on-line course, I couldn't wait to share it with you, my future student.

I've learned first hand how it feels to go from being an overwhelmed, super busy mom of 4 sons, to a mom who helps other women and moms who are feeling the same exact way.
Organizing doesn't have to be a chore-it's really easier than your other
choice. . . living amongst clutter. You don't have to do it on your own like I did, this is why I can help you in these 6 simple but effective weeks.
Once your home is in order, so will your peace-of-mind.  Should you choose to accept this invitation, I know I can get you the same results my clients and students can agree that helped them. . . by following the modules in order, you to can have a clutter-free, beautiful, well organized home.
Imagine how you'll feel when you don't have to close the door
on clutter any longer!

I look forward to meeting you inside of Crack the Clutter Code

With gratitude,

DIY Design Plan

Here you'll have the entire course of 6 modules all packaged up and ready for you to work independently through the modules. 

All- Inclusive
(most popular plan)

           You will get 6 Modules
                Plus- 4 bonuses

All-Inclusive plus
1:1 Virtual Plan

You'll get the All-Inclusive Plan
 Plus- 4 bonuses including
1:1 Virtual Closet Clearing