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Whittle Your Wardrobe Workshop

 Whittle Your Wardrobe Workshop

You'll get 1:1 attention & support for your
 2 hour VIP Virtual Day where I'll be helping to guide you through the process of
whittling down your wardrobe.

This is not just about getting rid of things, it's also all-encompassing - we'll go over how decisions are made as well, so that when our time together ends, everything should be more organized than ever!

Ready to take the next step?
 If so, join me for this amazing workshop that will help you get started, learn pro tips and have freedom from a cluttered closet. You'll learn how easy and fun it is clearing out your closet clutter for good!

All sessions must be booked and used by January 31, 2023

Join me, your Closet Coach
 for an amazing 

VIP Virtual Day workshop


Closet organization can be so exciting! It's like a brand new start to your wardrobe and getting to organize everything the way you want. It's really satisfying to see everything tidy & in its place and tp be able to find what you're looking for in a snap.

This one time special is only being offered during
 Black Friday weekend for $127.
(valued at over $400)


The best way to start your day is by feeling excited and organized! With your closet free of clutter, you'll be able to find what you need quickly and easily each morning. You'll love the new sense of calm and efficiency that comes with a tidy & organized closet.

Book today, so that you can start having feeling that comes with a clutter-free closet:  

  •  You'll have freedom from clutter in your closet
  •  You'll find something to wear everyday- no more difficult days getting dressed 
  •  You'll be able to prepare mentally for those clean out days 
  •  You'll be able to determine what should stay and what should go
  •  You'll have a closet that WOWs - one that you'll love "shopping" in

How to start the process:

  • Once you sign up, you'll get a calendar link sent to your inbox to set your private 1:1- 2 hour VIP Virtual session with me. 
  • We'll set a plan of action for your closet, implementing steps to help you stay motivated for the desired result in mind.
  • We'll start with before pictures, video and virtual session. I'll be your private cheerleader!
  • We'll celebrate your end result with a zoom party & after'll want to brag to your friends what an amazing job you did ;)
  •  Plus you'll get 4 bonuses that will keep you moving toward your closet goal

PLUS-4 Bonuses
(valued at $375) 

  1. A ZOOM workshop with other students where you can ask questions, get answers from me and other students so that you can continue the momentum. 
  2. A closet product list that works in most closets
  3. 10 Inspirational organizing quotes for your'll see them every time you you look at your phone.
  4. Access to Module 1 of my course,
    Crack the Clutter Code where you'll be able to begin the process of organization.

This one time special is only being offered during Black Friday weekend
for $127 
(valued at over $400)

I am so excited that you are considering grabbing this deal! It won't be available for much longer, and you'll be kicking yourself in 2023 that you didn't take advantage now.
This is your chance to get your wardrobe organized and really set yourself up for success. Don't miss out!

Book today to start feeling
calm + tidy in 2023.


Hello there!
I'm Suzzanne, a professional home organizer. I help busy women de-clutter their homes and get organized so they can enjoy their lives more. My very best work is when I'm in other peoples closets - creating lovely spaces & guiding my clients & students through the process of organization. And so that they can enjoy getting dressed without being stressed because their closet has been organized beautifully.
I'm looking forward to meeting with YOU soon :)  

Some Common Questions:
1. Will you make me eliminate my clothes?
 No. But I will ask vital questions so that you can learn how to eliminate your clothes when I'm not with you virtually.
 2. I'm not an organized person are you sure I can do this? 
Most of my clients & students are not organized, that's where I come in...ready to help guide you through the process and teach you ways to stay organized.
 3. Will I need to buy any items before starting this workshop? 
No, not unless you need organizing products like hangers and containment or unless of course you're looking for an attractive & cohesive look in your closet.

 Happy Students

"Suzzanne's course has helped me in ways that I didn't expect. No, 23 years of clutter wasn't magically removed from my home. I did learn how to go through the clutter and part ways. Most importantly, I learned more about why I was keeping things and how to prevent those items from finding their way back into my home. I gained energy and freedom through this process. I look forward to continuing with Suzzanne as I realize that this is an ongoing process to clear the clutter and maintain my home.
Thank you Suzzanne Cafiero!!" -Kim

"I loved taking Suzzanne's course and I’m definitely a work in progress. But what I liked most about taking Crack the Clutter Code course was that it was for all the areas of my home not just one area. Doing this on a regular basis usually overwhelms me, but with Suzzanne's help it didn't. I loved that I had a reason to tackle them, a deadline and Suzzanne to motivate me. My biggest takeaway is that I was able to be relieved of some stress right now because I can find things without wasting precious time looking for them. This also has definitely motivated me for the future when I will be physically able to do more. I'd like to see a virtual lesson added to your course where we can really get more done." -Debbie

Black Friday Special Pricing $127.
                                                          (valued at over $400)