A very trying time

Perhaps it will help you to see the positive instead of the negative. We are all in this together, having the same doubts and feelings, but to dwell on the negative not only lowers your resistance but also brings loved ones around you in a negative state.

Here are some ways to embrace the positive:

1. Get outdoors- the weather is starting to break away from winter and showing signs of a beautiful spring.

2. Listen to music- this is one of the best ways to lift a down mood. Put your favorite tunes on; sing your heart out and dance your butt off!

3.Spring cleaning- what better time than now to clear out the winter clothes? Take one closet at a time and donate what you don't use or love.

4.Family- spending more time around family now may be just what the Dr. ordered (pun intended.) Family is most likely stuck at home now so try to do the things you love to do with your family members. Like; play games, take a walk, ride bikes, play with your pets, find a new recipe to try or whatever activities you and your family enjoy.

5.Reading- what a great time to catch up on that reading list!

Would love to hear some ways you are making the best in this trying time. Please leave in comments

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