De-Clutter Like a Muther

It's just about that time of year, on the east coast, that your cute little kiddies will be home ALL summer long; bringing home piles upon piles of art work, projects and papers, trashing your nicely organized, peaceful home or like in my case, my freshman college student with all his dorm room needs. My question is; are you ready? Ready for what you ask. WHERE IS ALL THIS STUFF GOING!?!

For me, just as I started to get used to less mess, my son's dorm has moved back into my nice neat home. For anyone who has college age children, knows exactly what I'm talking about. I know some will use a storage units, but we will not. We live rather close to campus so it only makes sense to bring it home...ARG!!!

So what the plan is, is to de-clutter like a muther. I'm gonna shake him down till he agrees to get rid of rarely used and never used items at home and from his dorm. I know of a few already. Aren't you supposed to live with less at college? He had the luxury of a single room, so he brought whatever he felt he needed and some. Next semester he'll have a roommate and have to downsize some of his wants.

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