From Work Space to Entertaining Space

We all aren't so fortunate to have a designated space for a home office. Here's some pretty common problems...

  • You've been working from home on your dining room table since the Pandemic.

  • You're not too sure where all your office supplies and work material will go once the holidays hit.

  • You've been putting off entertaining for some time now but 2021 is the year you've decided to entertain again. But how?

I have a few suggestions that might help ease your dilemma.

  1. Your office supplies and work materials can be placed in a 3 tier rolling cart. These little space savers not only hold all your work items but they can be rolled away when getting ready to decorate and set your holiday table.

  2. By having labeled folders, binders and magazine holders will help in any organization of your items.

  3. Having bins for finished projects that are stored out of sight will help as well.

  4. Start now to find a system that works for you so you won't feel super stressed and added pressure 2 days before your company arrives.

  5. Remember to have fun here! Entertaining doesn't need to be stressful....keep it simple, calm and remember- less is more.

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