Holiday Time!

Are you planning the holidays at your home? If so, is that spare room ready for your guests? Follow along with these quick and easy ways to make your guests feel welcome in your home.

Start by clearing out the guestroom closet, or at least one side. This is really essential in making them feel special and welcomed. Keep only the linens your guests will need; like extra blankets, pillows & towels. (I like to keep a new set of linens just for my guests.)Make the bed with fresh sheets, blankets and pillows.

Next, clear any dresser drawers & nightstands that the guests will be using. Have an outlet strip available for any phones, pads or laptops.

Let's not forget the bathroom they'll be using. I always have a nightlight available for those nightly trips to the john. Be sure you have enough toilet paper, soap, shampoo, hand soap and don't forget a hairdryer.

Be sure to dust & vacuum...AND make that bathroom sparkle!

But most of all, enjoy your guests!

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