March and Me

March brings a ton of new and interesting things for me; my mom's 80th birthday

(March 4th) get it?, my youngest son's 20th birthday, St. Patty's Day-31 years sober, daylight savings (woohoo), and my all time favorite season, SPRING!

I love what Spring connotes; new start, fresh ideas, spring cleaning and de-cluttering. It always feels great to eliminate what I no longer love or is useful.


I don't want to negate the fact that a not so friendly meaning of March will never leave me.....the fact that a major pandemic hit the world. We stayed home, some reluctantly, but still we did. I'm naturally a homebody, so I didn't feel the squeeze that some felt. Albeit, we lost so many precious lives, I also think that we humans are resilient. We can persevere under even the harshest of situations. We learned A LOT and then some.


So, this brings me to you! I'm pretty sure all of you have cleared out your clutter by this time, right? No worries if you haven't, I'm here to guide you through your toughest areas. Here's one of my PDF's to help you:

combinepdf (4)
Download PDF • 528KB

They're simple guides to get you started. Have any Q's? I got you...this is my purpose, to help and guide you through those sticky points of your organizing journey. We all need help with something at some point, so ask away!

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