Ten Minutes to Tidy

I know it seems daunting at times but really if you set a timer for 10 minutes to either start on a small cluttered area OR you're in need of tidying an area, it's really a great way to stay on task. You'll be really surprised how much you can get done in 10 minutes. Have more time and energy? Simply add 10 more minutes. Remember, it's a process. The clutter didn't grow overnight and it can't be cleared in a day. Be gentle with yourself. These questions below have been very helpful when I work through the process of de-cluttering with my clients.

01- Do I love it?

Is it a household item, decoration or get the gist. So if you look at this item, decide if it something that you can't live without. Often times taking a picture of an item you don't want to forget is as good as keeping the physical piece without the clutter.

02- Do I use it?

This is easy...if you haven't used it in say a year or more, it's very likely you won't. OR if you're saving it 'just in case' most likely that day never comes.

It's time to say bye bye!

03- Do I have another one of these?

How many times have you purchased something because you can't find your (fill in the blank) only to find it later? That can be quite costly, right?

04- Is it damaged?

Sometimes we hold onto a broken item thinking, one day I'll fix this! If you haven't fixed it immediately, chances are you won't.

*Always remember, if you aren't in need of an item any longer, there is always someone who could use or benefit if you choose to donate it.

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