Thank you Marie, but...

Jan. 11, 2019

Well, I have finished the first season. While I am very appreciative for Marie bringing my industry to light, I approach my business a bit differently and I believe many of my colleagues would agree. I know it is mostly for TV but even I was overwhelmed watching some of her methods. She left them doing an awful lot of homework which, in real life, might not actually get done. In my business, I'm hired to help my clients get as much done in our allotted time as possible, setting up more hours as needed. We work side by side most of the time going through their closets, drawers, shelves, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and storage areas. Pretty much anywhere that they have accumulated too much stuff. We then make decisions as to where the items will wind up; in organized areas of the home, donated, trashed or sold. If I leave HW for the client to get through, it's not a bed sized pile of clothes, books or papers. I'm hands on, I help my clients, and don't wear dresses to work.

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