The answer is, absolutely NOT! Here's where I come in.

I've been organized most of my life and realized as a teenager that I was obsessed with clothes + accessories, that I not only wanted to

preserve my clothing but to also respect them. I figured out ways to set up systems + methods that work for my clients today. 

So often my clients ask if I have a perfectly organized home....


I'll be transparent here, my home is nowhere near perfect. But I strive to make it manageable for the 6 humans that live here.

My husband + I have 4 grown sons and we live here. As in any home, there is ALWAYS something that needs attention. 

Whether you're downsizing, expecting a new family member or just need help clearing out & organizing your closet, hiring an organizer can set you up for a fresh start so you have

peace of mind everyday. 



Recently I had the pleasure of working with Suzzanne Cafiero and can fully attest to her ability to take a highly dis-pleasurable task and turn it into a painless one.  Quite a daunting undertaking. 

She came over on very short notice and, within 2 hours, had both bookcases looking fabulous. If only I had called her the first time around!  

I have to say that I wish I had a creative eye, a flare for design and an ability to efficiently organize any space. But I don't. So, I will be calling Suzzanne and hiring Sweet Spaces again in the future. There are some things that are much better done with the assistance of an expert. Organizing my home is one of those things. Thank you, Suzzanne. 

                        Nina - Farmingdale, NJ

Suzzanne is kind, compassionate and innovative. She created processes for my small space that are easy to keep up and make staying organized enjoyable. I'm going to hire her next to help with my yoga studio office and closets. Highly recommend!

            Gabrielle - Toms River NJ

 I highly recommend Suzzanne and Sweet Spaces. Suzzanne is gentle and kind and had some good suggestions about placement and grouping things. Though I did the physical work myself, this being virtual, I felt like I had a cheerleader the entire time. My husband was dubious during the process but he was delighted with the results. Now to do the rest of the house! Organizing is addictive. Thank you, Suzzanne!     

                       Megan-Freehold NJ

Working with Sweet Spaces was exactly what I needed! Suzzanne had great, creative suggestions and incorporated my style and ideas! She helped with a organizational system for our playroom that is easy for me and my daughters to maintain. I highly recommend Sweet Spaces.                    

                     Jessica-Wall NJ

I have had Suzzanne  come to my home a few times to help with various projects.  My not so tidy closet, kitchen drawers  and  I also needed help organizing MANY photos, crafts and books.  Suzzanne is not only  helpful with clearing clutter, but her organizing skills are amazing!!!  She helped me get these areas in order.  She  also supplies clear boxes of all sizes.  She can look at the space and know exactly how it should be utilized .

 I highly recommend using her services.  she will teach you  how to maintain a clutter free home.  Also Suzzanne is easy to work with.  

                           Pia - Little Silver NJ