-We start with a brief phone call to discuss your needs.

-At that time we will set a one hour in - home complimentary consultation ($100 value) for a walk through of your home or spaces to be organized. Taking detailed notes and before photos so that a plan of action can be executed on your start day.

-At the end of the consult, you will choose a package & schedule your sessions.

Hands-On Organizing Investment

-All sessions are at least 4 hours side - by - side for the editing process.

-Sessions include:

  • De-cluttering

  • Organizing

  • Space planning & style of your newly organized space 

  • Research and shopping for products

  • Donation drop off

Pricing (as of January 2020)

2 Sessions  - $760

(8 Hours)

5% Discount

3 Sessions  - $1080

(12 Hours)

10% Discount

4 Sessions  - $1296
(16 Hours)
10% Discount

6 Sessions - $2040

(24 Hours)

15% Discount

  9 Sessions -$2880 

(36 Hours)

20% Discount



  Single 3 hr. Session 



      12 Monthly Sessions


    (30% off-save $1080)


  12 Bi-Monthly Sessions


     (40% off - save $2880)

*Any additional hours needed that day for your Monthly Sessions will incur the hourly rate of $100

*Packages must be paid in full before the start of the project & is non-refundable


-Our monthly plans are designed to help you stay on top of your completed home and/or closet organization.

We're aware that life gets so busy that you may prefer to have a professional come in on a regular basis

to keep your newly organized home organized.

-We offer 3 monthly session types 

-All sessions are 3 hours 

DIY Plans- 

-For the ambitious type, our luxury DIY plan is the perfect fit.

-Complimentary 15 minute consultation via phone.  

-One hour walk through of your space.

-You'll get tips and tricks for de-cluttering and organizing:

  • How to sort

  • Where to donate

  • How to replace items back on your shelves or closets.

  • Recommended products

-On the day we are scheduled for your walk through, Sweet Spaces will answer questions during any part of that process you may have.

$350 per room

$225 for small closets

*Prices may vary depending on your closet or room size