A Heartfelt Reflection on My 7-Year Journey as a Professional Home Organizer:

Here's the condensed version:

For 23 years, I was a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) to my four sons – an experience I'm truly grateful for. Eventually, however, the question of "now what?" began to emerge. To fill the void, I took a part-time job at an elementary school cafeteria, but I quickly felt burnt out.

Everything changed when a close friend asked for help with her basement cleanup. She recognized my organizational skills and suggested I become a home organizer – a profession I hadn't even heard of! But helping her out was a thrilling experience, and it made me realize how well-suited I was for this role, thanks to my years as a SAHM.

And so began my journey to establishing my own business. Over the past seven years, I've learned so much and have genuinely enjoyed helping others as a home organizer – especially as an empath. The field has opened up numerous niches, from empty nesters and garages to paperwork, photographs, entire homes, and closets.

Although I relish working alongside clients in their closets, I've discovered my ultimate niche: online courses. So far, I've created two courses, enabling me to share my expertise and add value to my students' lives, regardless of their location.