Ornament Storage

This simple and easy hack has saved my ornaments form breaking.

    Supplies you'll need for this ornament hack:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Red solo cups- of course any color is fine, I happened to have red on hand
  • Bin w/lid
  • Cardboard cut to perimeter of the bin. Depending on depth of the bin you could use 2 pieces of cardboard

  • Start by gluing bottom of each cup to the cardboard. Be sure the top edge of the cup doesn't go over the edge of the cardboard. I managed to get 24 cups on each cardboard. And 2 layers fit into my lidded bin. Simply fill cups with ornaments, you can double & triple up if the ornaments are small enough.
  • Pack away and don't forget to slap a label on the bin so next year is easier to decorate with the ornaments you truly love and that bring memories and joy.