To Save or Not to Save

“I'm so glad you saved everything I ever made” -Said no kid ever

“I'm so glad you saved everything I ever made”

-Said no kid ever

True story! I'm here and living proof that I was that parent. My 4 sons are all grown and guess what? They don't want any of their childhood memories. Those are our memories! Or are they?

When was the last time you went through those memory boxes and remembered every single event, art work or item? Memories are held in your heart not an item.

Also, when I work with empty nesters, guess what's the one thing they say about their stuff? Yup…my kids don't want this stuff…they'll only back up the dumpster and toss it all!!

Yikes, what a visual.

So, I'm guessing you might be thinking, “it's time to de-clutter, eliminate and donate your items.” Just remember to start somewhere, somewhere small….10 minutes a day is all you really need. Don't overwhelm yourself with a full day of de-cluttering. You will most likely become discouraged and give up, never to continue aaaand only add to the clutter.

Remember, I'm always here to answer any questions.